Q: How to pronounce Mr. Gyros? 
A: Yee-Ros (Silent G)

Q: What is a Gyros? 
A: Greek style Meatloaf on a Vertical Spit. Traditional Gyros are a Beef-Lamb Combination. Other choices are Chicken Gyros and a Combination of Beef-lamb & Chicken Gyros.

Q: What comes on a Traditional (Regular) Gyros? 
A: Traditional Gyros comes with choice of Meat (Beef-Lamb or Chicken or Both), Sauce (Tzatziki sauce or Cucumber sauce), Raw Onions & Tomatoes on a Pita.

Q: What is the difference between Tzatziki Sauce & Cucumber sauce? 
A: Tzatzki sauce is made with Greek yogurt (Sour Yogurt made of Goats Milk) & Coconut Oil (to thicken sauce) while cucumber Sauce is made of sour cream.

Q: What is the difference between our Regular Gyros Pita & our Deluxe Gyros Pita? 
A: Regular Gyros comes with choice of Meat (Beef-Lamb or Chicken), Sauce, Raw Onions, Tomatoes & Seasoning on a Pita. And a Deluxe Gyros with (Extra Meat & Extra Toppings), Lettuce, Tomatoes, Raw Onions, Feta Cheese & Seasoning on Pita.


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